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About me

Hi! My name is Everton Ricardo Sabino

But everyone calls me Tom!

Since I was a kid, I've always been in love with art and anything from the creative area.

I truly believe that art is a part of the human essence.

Since I've found myself in a deep love with physics and the world around me, I would find myself analyzing every little reason that made things “tic”.

That's how I discovered myself an animator!


I'm moved by curiosity and my will to discover and understand a bit more about the world that surround us and recreate it uniquely back to the world.


I've been a motion designer for 4 years, and since I've started, I've been adventuring specially in After Effects as my main tool in animation. Not only that, but I strive to explore even more places in this area, which I love so much.

If you share any of these passions, may it be for the area we work in or the world and what makes it so beautiful. DO NOT hesitate to call me to chat! My inbox is always open!

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